Project Description


Offering knowledge and providing tools to apply it is not enough. The World Economic Forum has indicated that success depends on mastering soft skills.

Taught in Asian, European, Central and North American universities

Trained college professors applying happiness practices successfully tested in scientific studies

Developed courses integrating the science of happiness by integrating the experiential understanding of concepts such as values, purpose and life project management


Making students the actors, directors and producers of their college experience.

  • Students attend college just to “get by.”

  • Faculty not being provided with the most effective pedagogical tools.

  • Lack of alignment between talents and competencies.

  • Focus on the “what” and the “how” without knowing the “why.”

  • Course content providing more balance between right and left brain activities.

  • Turning academic life from stressful to happy.


The two most popular courses in the history of Harvard and Yale focus on the science of happiness. Students expect to learn about themselves and faculty have the opportunity and privilege to meet their expectations.


The “self” as the missing element of learning, in addition to knowledge and application.


Are you spending or investing your time?

I intend to invest it… now!