Project Description


Knowing “how to” is no longer enough. Knowing where you are going and why is essential. When your purpose is clear, results become visible.

Combining the strengths of having been a hotel general manager, business owner and consultant, executive trainer and applied reserch scholar in two continents

Using the think tank model to bring leading thinkers together to formulate and implement future oriented, value adding, plans and strategies

Certifying managers, executives and firms that choose happiness as a competitive method


Reacting to competitors and catching up with trends won’t help you succeed.
Taking action to anticipate change leads to success.

  • Profit erosion caused by increasing competition

  • Deliver high quality service, in any circumstances

  • Take advantage of future forces driving change

  • Understand and satisfy millennials’ needs

  • Consistently upgrading products and services to differentiate from competitors



Future oriented firms create winning strategies, supported by innovative competencies.


There are three science-based tools that help you differentiate from competitors and succeed: become a positive organization, lead from purpose and anticipate change.


Are you spending or investing your time?

I intend to invest it… now!