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The main focus of this online course is the development of personal strengths and their application to business and professional environments. Also, participants will increase their interpersonal skills in professional settings by applying a set of tested techniques that will increase their success. This course also aims at bettering personal managerial effectiveness by learning and applying multiple models for problem solving, understanding individual and collective values, human needs, emotional intelligence, and critical thinking patterns as they evolve both globally and locally.

At the completion of this course the participant will have demonstrated the following learning outcomes:

  • Ability to determine the most appropriate solution to a problem.
  • Ability to inspire others to complete a task or goal.
  • Ability to develop healthy, trusting, and respectful relationships.
  • Ability to consider the impact change will have before making a change.
  • Ability to diffuse conflicts.
  • Ability to communicate effectively.
  • Ability to identify the most important values of any organization.
  • Ability to see things through to the end even when it becomes difficult to do so.