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November 10-11  2018
December 1-2  2018

January 12-13 2019
February 23-24 2019
March 23-24 2019
May 4-5 2019

This course aims at developing a specific professional competency, rooted in science, in the field of self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Participants will be able to develop, organize and conduct courses and seminars to young students, teenagers and adults who are interested in learning and experientially practicing self-awareness, including resilience, life purpose and happiness. Participants will have the opportunity to practice teaching and training in front of multiple audiences during their internship.

This course is best suited for educators, life coaches, curricular teachers, school substitutes, trainers, psychologists, social workers, counselors and all those with a higher education degree in education.

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  1. Identify the behavioral models of Self-Science that help increase happiness and well-being
  2. Evaluate the importance and impact of concepts, tools and problems related to self-awareness
    1. Build and adopt a behavioral methodology to improve personal and professional experiences.
    2. Identify the unique features of a person and of an organization, including talents and values.
    3. Align a life purpose to the development and growth of individuals, firms, organizations and associations.
  3. Apply the necessary conditions to create and sustain an organizational culture based on wellbeing and self-awareness in different environments.
  4. Conduct experiential activities that generate and maintain productive experiences and positive emotions.
  5. Formulate and implement a project, based on tools and strategies successfully tested in multiple countries and environments, finalized to promoting personal and collective wellbeing.


  • On-site training offered in 6 weekends—Saturday and Sunday— (90 hours)
  • Minimum mandatory attendance of (77 hours)
  • Practicum (40 hours)
  • Final exam (5 hours)

Your certification in Self-Science teacher/trainer is credentialed throughout the European Union state members. The entire course is taught in Italian.