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The title of my Talk is Self Awareness and Digital Detox

Digital Detox is the time spent without the use of digital electronic devices, mainly smartphones and personal computers. Digital Detox promotes traditional interpersonal interaction aiming at balancing in person communication and a healthy use of digital electronic devices. Therefore, a successful Digital Detox activity does not aim at eliminating completely all use of electronic devices; instead, it aims at promoting a healthy, functional and productive relationship with your phone, tablet and computer. By creating a balanced relationship with the digital world, we reconnect to ourselves, one another, our community, and to the environment that surrounds us.

To find out if a digital detox practice would be beneficial to you, I would like to ask you a few questions. Have you ever spent 48 hours without texting, checking your Facebook page or other social media account, or simply without picking up the phone? If you have never tried that, do you believe you can do it? Research has consistently showed that such abstinence causes significant levels of anxiety and other emotional disturbances to people; do you wonder what it can do to you?