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Self-Science involves a process that requires deep introspection, willingness to change, and desire to grow. As you practice it, you will quickly discover that a pervading sensation of personal empowerment. This will happen as soon as you start connecting to attributes of yourself that you disregarded for a long time. For example, you will feel more empowered when you will use your emotional self to help you make decisions. You will feel more powerful when you will apply new communication techniques to create more meaningful connections with others. You will have more focus and satisfaction in your life when you will align your talents with your skills.

There is no limit to your personal empowerment as you can increase your inner power indefinitely. The more committed you are to your own growth, the more empowered you will feel. It works this way in every aspect of your life. If you commit to become an excellent writer, practice every day for an hour and you will become one of the best in your field. If you want to strengthen your body, go to the gym every day and you will become stronger. How much stronger you will become depends on your commitment. How powerful you intend to become will depend on your commitment in reading this text, doing the exercises, and continuing your journey towards personal empowerment.

The purpose of Self-Science is to reawaken the potential that lies inside of you. So many attributes of you have not been nourished and practiced, therefore they have atrophied. Some Self-Science concepts might sound more familiar than others and, because of that, you could be tempted to dismiss them. Do not do that. One thing is being familiar with a concept and another thing is to experience it. Having heard of heart surgery and having undertaken one are two very different things. Having read about unconditional love and practicing it daily are also very different experiences. If you are one of those who happens to say “I already know that” in conversations, you are likely to have missed a number of important experiences in your life. When you affirm that you already know something, you stop growing. From that moment on, you erect an impenetrable wall that will stop your evolution about that subject. Catch yourself every time you think or say that you already know something and be open to receive new input. Be open to experience what you know for the sake of personal growth and to become more empowered.