Embracing his unconventional path in academia and life, Sandro Formica, Ph.D. lives every day in full commitment to his Life Purpose, which is “To integrate the science of happiness in firms, educational institutions and governments.” For that reason, he created a holistic model in developing the self that unifies simple core concepts and methodologies from coaching, human needs, mind imagery, education, neuroscience, wellbeing, psychology, and mindfulness.

Sandro Formica, Ph.D.

Sandro Formica, Ph.D.

Formica suggests that the world will be a better place when a committed individual effort toward happiness is aligned with the goals and mission of any organization—school, firm, political institution, etc. He contributed to the development, analysis and testing of a strategic management model, named “Co-Alignment” and modified it to integrate needs, values, talents, imagination and purpose in the context of a conscious organization managed by self-aware executives.

Formica’s contribution to the 2018 World Happiness Summit offered a hands-on, scientific demonstration that happiness leads to an increase of individual and collective performance in schools, firms, institutions and organizations.

Sandro Formica, Ph.D.

A dynamic presenter and facilitator, Formica is regularly invited to speak to diverse audiences, from K- college students to parents, educators, business executives and media, both in the United States and Europe. In 2016 alone, he engaged over 5,000 students and teachers across Italy, empowering them with tools for self-development, deprogramming and reprogramming, and the conscious use of practices related to imagination, feelings, communication, values, life purpose and life planning.

Formica has been studying and teaching applied social sciences for 25 years. In his current appointment at Florida International University in Miami, he teaches Personal Empowerment, Managing Self & Others, and the Science of Happiness. Since its inception seven years ago, the Personal Empowerment course has become the most popular elective at the Biscayne Bay campus as a result of Formica’s highly experiential approach to content delivery and audience engagement.

Sandro Formica, Ph.D.

As a manager, Formica has over 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry, including the formulation and development of destination tourism plans in three continents, the development of feasibility studies and marketing plans for hospitality facilities and conference centers, and the opening and general management of first class historical hotels. Sandro has provided consulting and executive education services to global and regional hotel corporations such as ACCOR and Intercontinental, coordinated transnational European Union projects in hospitality and tourism, and conducted “Think Tanks” with leading hospitality decision-makers in the Middle East, New Zealand, France, Spain, Italy, and the U.S.

As an academic, he published in international peer-reviewed journals on human motivational factors and behavioral decision-making in the context of travel, executive education needs, United States vs. Europe education system, and predictability of human preferences in future global travel. His research papers were presented at several international conferences, such as the World Business Congress and the Quality of Life World Conference. Formica’s first book, Personal Empowerment-Empower the Leader Within You, was published in November 2017.

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