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“To integrate the science of happiness in firms, schools, universities, and governments”

Professor Formica’s Personal Empowerment course has transformed our curriculum and the students whom he has lovingly taught. He creates a safe space for students to dramatically increase self awareness, demonstrate vulnerability, and identify their passions. Florida International University has been extremely fortunate to have Professor Formica as a faculty member.

Diann Newman, Vice Dean Florida International University

Sandro’s brilliance is his ability to combine research and data with experience and humanity. At the World Happiness Summit, he captivated the audience by creating an emotional connection that engaged us and made us look inward while constructing a space where we are safe to explore ourselves. His intervention is powerful and insightful.

Karen Guggenheim, CEO and Producer The World Happiness Summit

In the space of less than an hour, Dr. Formica gave us a perspective on the power of positive thinking that has literally helped each and every member of our department.
His suggested exercise of writing down positive accomplishments for an entire month has become an annual and invigorating exercise for our group. His message is both strong and simple. So glad he introduced us to his methods.

Ted Ballard, Executive Director of Broadcasting The Miami HEAT

Personal Empowerment: Empower the Leader Within You

More than a book, a lifelong companion.