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I am grateful to be among the speakers and to bring my contribution to the passion for individual happiness in organizations and institutions!

About Virtual Conference

The recent outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus compels humanity to focus and integrate love and compassion into their dealings with others and nature. When our way of life is at threat, we should forget boundaries and competition and allow our actual spiritual values to lead.

The pandemic has posed several challenges before the organizations. The question arises in virtual/ hybrid workforces what leadership styles a manager should possess to move forward? Will increasing uncertainty and ambiguity will lead to new organizational forms?

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The most significant change management is this digital transformation period, where leadership qualities become more critical in aligning the different stakeholders’ minds to move ahead. Technology is just an aid. It is people who transform the workplace. A leader needs to have an entrepreneurial mindset and entrepreneurial skills to navigate through uncertain times. Believe in oneself and passion and sincerity to achieve the goals helps in moving forward. When a heart responds to heart, then a static administration is transformed into a developmental

This virtual conference will address these issues through 10 thematic tracks:
1. The world as a global market vs. world as a family
2. Global cities and the transformation of boundaries: Integrating “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” in a coronavirus environment
3. Compassion and love-based leadership styles in the era of digital transformation.
4. Peace and harmony: Connecting to local communities and society for sustainable development.
5. Human values centric leadership styles to align people with organizations
6. Feminine styles of leadership: Meeting the challenges of post COVID times.
7. Fearless entrepreneurial leadership to navigate post COVID times.
8. Humanitarian supply chain management
9. Integrating spirituality into financial decision making
10. Modern agile and the role of spirituality in digital transformation