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I am honored to have been chosen to contribute to the opening of the World Happiness Summit with my first speach “Self-Leadership & Happiness: Framing Your Legacy”.

On March 15th I am on stage with other speakers to conduct the speach: “Chief Happiness Officer Panel: Dr. Sandro Formica, Manuel S. Pietra, Sharon Manno, Luisa Carter & Karla Sanchez”.



“The World Happiness Summit™, an inclusive event produced and organized by WOHASU LLC, is the first global forum created to expose individuals to the practical implementations of the science of happiness. The Summit unites leading experts in positive psychology, government, sustainability, economics, mindfulness, technology, business and media with the general public to discuss, engage and explore happiness within a holistic format to enhance the well-being of individuals, communities, corporations and society at large.

Our signature three-day Summit welcomes over 1,000 people per day from over 30 countries and 40 U.S. states, making the World Happiness Summit a truly global event. Our participants are searching for a transformative experience to explore and share their passion about living consciously and sustainably to create positive mindsets and choose happiness.

Besides helping to satisfy intellectual curiosity about the definition of happiness, the World Happiness Summit creates extraordinary sensorial experiences that activate all five senses, taking participants on a highly experiential journey.

WOHASU also produces the H-20, an invitation-only government meeting that serves as a platform for civic and business leaders, experts and activists to engage in a dialogue to explore best practices, policies, case studies and challenges around increasing civic happiness and well-being around the world. The H-20 integrates international associations, working groups, government organizations and NGOs who have spent years defining, studying and measuring the levers of happiness, for individuals and organizations, societies and nations.

It is the WOHASU’s mission to create a global movement dedicated to increasing awareness on happiness as a life choice, as a human right and as an enabler of human development and social innovation. WOHASU is committed to making a happier world by creating platforms for individuals to learn how to build science-based happiness practices one person at a time.




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